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Top 5 Spicy and Tasty Andhra Food Specialties in Bangalore

Our garden city is a colorful place uniting the inhabitants from all the regions. Food unites everyone together. We have a wide range of restaurants in Bangalorespreading their wonderful taste all across Bangalore that isappropriatefor a variety of people. Especially we have ample of Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore like Nandhana that provides the superlative highly spiced and appetizing Andhra food for their customers. Their cooking style and food recipe are unique compared to other restaurants. All the best Andhra food items are their recipes.

Here are the top 5 tasty Andhra food specialties

Fish Fry: Colorful and perfectly fried fish with extra pepper sprayed on it enriches its yummy taste. This is one of the frequent Andhra food mostly liked by one and all. This is the wonderful dish to have at anytime with friends and family.

Andhra Meals:An Andhra style meal is the top food liked by all South Indians. Best food for all sorts of occasions. It consists of Annam, Pappu, Guthi Vankaaya Koora, Paayasam, Aavakayi, appadam, pulihora, etc. This is mostly liked by every person and apt for perfect dining.

Bamboo Chicken: Bamboo chicken is the scrumptious legendary tribal chicken recipe where the chicken is entirely cooked inside a bamboo stem. 

Hyderabad Biryani: Wonderful Andhra food that is favorites of everyone and liked by all nonvegetarian lovers is Hyderabadi biryani. This is the food which to apt for everyone to enjoy with their beloved ones.

Chilli Chicken: Chilli Chicken is an Indo Chinese food recipe, prepared with a perfect combination of chili and sauce taste. This is an outstanding yummy food recipe that everyone wishes to order online and enjoy by eating it as soon as possible.

Several Andhra restaurants in Bangalore endow with food home delivery services so we can easily enjoy our desired delicious food by Ordering Andhra food online with our beloved ones sitting at our home. Get your order quickly by ordering food at legendary Andhra food restaurants like Nandhana in Bangalore and enjoy tasty Andhra food at affordable prices. This is one of the best Andhra style restaurant in Bangalore that is providing fastest food home delivery services and tasty food for their consumers ever since generations.

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